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Starting a Website 

So you’re just getting started on this new adventure and you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing?  No worries, you are not alone!  Many many people just like you walk this road every single day and the key is to just take it one step at a time.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting right where you are, and have since learned everything I can get my hands on regarding design, code, and everything else involved in website creation.  I’m here to help guide you through this process one step at a time. You can call me you “Website creation Bestie”, just imagine me sitting right along side you at your coffee (or wine lol) table and we are doing this together! 


Choosing a Name for your Website (Decisions, Decisions)

Choosing a name for this big adventure you’re embarking on is no easy feat.  It takes time and patience to find that perfect name that fits your hearts desire.  It also takes time to find the perfect name that isn’t already taken!  That my friend, is the hardest part of this process.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come up with some brilliant business name and then I go check to see if the name is available and sure enough it’s not.  Before you let your heart get too settled on a specific name, you’ll want to do 2 things: Google it, and search to see if the domain is available.

So what is a domain?  A domain is your address on the internet.  Just as you would give someone your mailing address for them to mail you a letter, you’ll want to give your friends a domain address to be able to find your online home. You can search domain names right here to see what is already taken and what is available.

Why do we need to google the name?  If you want to name your new business Sparkles and Shimmer, but you google these words and several other businesses come up, you’re not only going to be competing for google ranking alongside those people with the same business name, you also may run into trademark issues depending on the nature of the other businesses with the same name.  Trust me, you don’t want to get months down the road and get a Cease & Desist letter because your business name is conflicting with someone else. Think of a unique name and take your time!

Once you’ve decided on a name and have discovered the domain is available, it’s time to actually purchase that domain. Some entrepreneurs use a service like GoDaddy to purchase the domain but more than likely you’re going to be ready to get your website started immediately, so I recommend moving to the next step and doing your domain and hosting all at the same time. It’s a easy process to have your domain and website packaged together, it will SAVE you TIME and MONEY to have this packaged together. 


The next thing we want to do is secure that domain name that we’ve spent so much time thinking up.  There are a few hosting companies that allow you to get 1 free domain when you sign up for a hosting package, so I recommend doing this step all together.  If you’ve already purchased your domain elsewhere, don’t worry… I’ll cover that as well!

So what is hosting? Let’s think of this like we discussed above with your domain being your address.  If you give someone your address to your home, your home is sitting on a piece of land.  The hosting is like the land for your online home.  It consist of servers, files, and databases that keep your site visible and on the internet.  No website exists without hosting.

The hosting company we recommend is SiteGround.  SiteGround’s process is very simple and easy to understand for someone starting out, just like you!

When you go to purchase hosting, you’re going to be asked which hosting package you’d like to select. I recommend that since we are going to be using WordPress (more on this later) that we choose on of the WordPress Hosting Packages. These packages get you started for very little start up cost, and again, includes your domain in the setup process.

Differences in the plans:

StartUp – This package is good for one site and up to 10,000 visits a month and is the most basic plan they offer.
GrowBig – With this plan you are able to host multiple websites within one account, get a free SSL Wildcard for 1 year, and their Backup and Restore service which I find to be very very important especially as a new site owner. Another great benefit that starts at this plan or higher, is their SuperCacher option which will greatly increase the speed of your site.
GoGeek – This place includes all that you see above, as well as more storage space, allows for more site visitors,  and offers 1-click WP staging which is also a helpful feature if you’re one to change your site often.

After you select the package you’d like and hit Get Plan, you’ll be taken to this screen:


*Note: Domain Registration price may change

You will choose whether you already own your domain or you need one.

You’ll proceed from here and fill in all your personal information and your payment information. You can also choose whether you have a site to transfer over or not here as well.

At this point, you have reserved your domain name, paid for your hosting account, and installed WordPress!  You are almost there!

What if I have a domain already but need to transfer it to my hosting provider?

You can absolutely transfer an existing domain to your host. For example, if you purchased a domain at GoDaddy and then hosting through SiteGround, we need to now tell Godaddy where our domain hosting is.  The process here is called changing our nameservers so that it points to the servers now at SiteGround.

Immediately after you complete your order if you’ve selected this option of I already have a domain, you will get an email that has your nameservers in it.


You will use these nameservers with your domain registrar to point that domain over to your new hosting account. Here are the instructions for the following companies that you most likely used as your domain registrar.

*Please note that this process can be a little tedious so if you’re having trouble don’t hesitate to contact your domain registrar and they would be happy to assist.  Also keep in mind that when you have to update your nameservers, this process takes 24-48 hours to complete so you won’t be able to work on the site until that completes. If you have any issues or questions contact Godaddy Customer Service Hotline.


Immediately after your complete your order from Step Two, you’ll receive an email with the link to login to your new site.  It will always look like  You will use the same login credentials you used when signing up above.


Now this is the fun part!  You get to play dress up and choose the best design for your needs.  There are so many great web designers out there and you can download any WordPress template for your new site or you can CONTAC US to build you a custom theme and upload all photos and content for your website….the possibilities are endless! All of our themes are built on the Elementor Framework (so be sure to grab that while you’re picking out your theme…your theme will not work without it).


You’re ready to Go Create! You’ve got your WordPress site set up now you’re ready to get started! Ask always if you have any questions you can send us an email over anytime  at we would love to chat with you. 

*This page does contain affiliate links 

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